Hello, World! Another Blog About Investing Here!

Hello, world!

Today is a great day. It really is a great day. Why? Because finally, I started this blog. I’ve been thinking for a long time, I’ve been reading, learning, watching YouTube videos, acquiring new knowledge, and today I am ready to start this blog – the blog about investing.

No, I am not a financial advisor or something, I am a man who is interested in saving his money for future.

A lot of people… millions of people are struggling with getting out of debt, they have multiple credit cards. What’s the cause? The lack of financial education I believe.

I’m not talking about a college degree or something. A lot of people don’t have a clue what the stock market is, and how it works. They don’t understand what bitcoin is, this modern gold, do you? Do you understand? Do you have at least 100 BTC in your investment portfolio? If you invested one hundred dollars in bitcoin a few years ago, today you would be a millionaire.

Life can be full of joy if you are sure about your future. Money is not the most important thing in my life. But I enjoy saving my money rather than buying the latest version of an iPhone.

The blog about investing is here, ladies and gentlemen!

We’re getting started…

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